Diving Deep into Retrohipmama’s Process

August 25, 2017

This week, Andrea Gray joins me for our monthly chat and we discuss the different formats she scraps in and why each style works for her. We'll dive deep into her step-by-step process for Project Life and hear about her photo printing process, when she completes her weekly spreads, how she keeps up with documentation and more. We'll also discuss why variety of sizes and formats in memory keeping is so appealing to us both! 


Alison Girling’s Wild Hare

August 15, 2017

This week, I'm talking to Alison Girling about her brand new business, The Wild Hare Kits. Alison's tells us about her fresh concept for a scrapbook kit club which offers custom kits curated for the consumer. We also discuss double page layouts, using lots of photos, how she chose her design team and much more! The Wild Hare Kit Club launches TODAY at www.thewildharekits.com so be sure to check it out! Thanks for listening!


Janna Wilson’s Journey to The Happy Planner

August 4, 2017

This week, I am talking to my new friend, Janna Wilson, designer of my beloved Happy Planner!! I recently picked up the "Southern Charm" Happy Planner and swooned over the lettering. I did some investigating to find the artist behind the art and became totally obsessed with the talent of Janna Wilson. Turns out, we have loads in common and I just adore her in every way! I know you'll love hearing how she went from designing scrapbook pages for magazines to designing Happy Planners for MAMBI. Visit her at jannawilson.com and me at tracieclaiborne.com


Retrohipmama’s New Scrappy Space

July 28, 2017

This week, I'm talking to my new recurring co-host, Andrea Gray aka Retrophimama. We discuss her recent move to a smaller place and how she set up her scrappy space! She'll explain why in many ways, the new space is more efficient than her old setup. We hope you'll feel inspired to evaluate your creative area and make it work efficiently for you! Find out more about Andrea at www.retrohipmama.wordpress.com and find me at www.tracieclaiborne.com! 


Memory Planning with Mrs. Scrap and Plan

July 20, 2017

This week, Sabrina Poole aka @mrsscrapandplan joins me to discuss memory keeping in a planner! I'm slightly obsessed with this idea right now so I will be featuring more guests soon to talk about this and other unique ways to document our lives! Just a note, we are discussing The Happy Planner by MAMBI and you can see mine at this link... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bz6NK0BCVrI


Tori Bissell’s Big Purge

July 8, 2017

This week, sweet Tori Bissell joins me to talk all about her big purge! She recently got rid of an extraordinary amount of supplies and in the process, discovered what she loves and what she can live without. We'll hear the category of supplies she purged and also, a bit about her YouTube channel and why filming her creativity comes naturally to her. 


Jasmine Jones’ Creative Life

June 16, 2017

This week, I'm talking to the amazingly talented Jasmine Jones! This interview was so much fun for me as I have been Jasmine's number one fan for years! She shares a delightful story about how she got started hand lettering and tells us about her new company, Wild Hope Co. We discuss her work with Studio Calico and her lovely life in Kentucky. For more on how to Live Inspired, visit tracieclaiborne.com! 


Telling Our Stories with Amy Sorensen

March 24, 2017

This week, I'm talking to Amy Sorensen about telling our stories on the pages of our scrapbooks. Amy has some great tips for us on how to change our mindset and develop confidence in our storytelling skills. I love what she had to say and I know you will too! For more information on how to Live Inspired, visit me at tracieclaiborne.com!


Spring Cleaning Challenge with Victoria Marie

March 10, 2017

This week, Victoria Marie joins me to further discuss organization! She is currently hosting a Spring Cleaning Challenge and she has a lot of great ideas to share about organizing 1) your studio area, 2) your layouts and 3) your photos. I hope you're inspired by this show and you'll do a bit of organizing yourself! If you do, let me know! I love to hear feedback from this show. Leave me a comment at tracieclaiborne.com!


Six Strategies for Organizing Your Craft Area

March 3, 2017

This week, I'm talking about one of my favorite topics: organizing! As you may know, I recently reorganized my entire studio and when I was done, I had a lot of thoughts about the best way to organize for maximum creativity and productivity. If you're feeling overwhelmed by your stash, this is the show for you: I offer six easy tips to help you tame your stash. For more on how to Live Inspired, visit tracieclaiborne.com!